When approaching the creation of the Zakary le Stéle Spring/Summer 13 Lookbook, photographer Tsasha Olivier looked to his chosen themes such as claustrophobia and mental disintegration to create a world locked inside a rural Portuguese villa. The photos swallow the viewer into a compound-like setting where the model, Lien Vieira, is unravelling, revealing her inner turmoil, an effect heightened by the hypnotic abstract prints of the collection. The theme is harshly juxtaposed with the designer's floaty, windswept vision. Soft, fluid, diaphanous silks billow in the breeze peacefully and freely, with wild tilapia fish leather accents and structured camel wool cut sharply to the body in a modern sweep. The collection is pieced together by Abri Ferebani and makeup & hair created by Pat McLou. 

Model: Lien Vieira
Stylist: Abri Ferebani
Hair & Makeup: Pat McLou
Photographer: Tsasha Olivier

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